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Now there is a tool that you can use to effect this education in the privacy of the consumer’s room. Mark and Syl have developed a set of tasteful, yet explicit pictures and audio tapes that sensitively deliver accurate information.

The first set of pictures shows a male in various stages of dress and undress. The same kind of pictures of the female are also shown. The focus of the first section is to educate the consumer about the male and female body and its sexual functioning. The intent of the second section is to educate about touch of self and others to include what is and what is not appropriate. Examples of the first section are shown below.

“Now the man has also taken off his pants, shoes and socks. Now you can see other parts of the man’s body. You can see his legs and his feet and toes. The rest of his body is still covered by his underwear. We call it underwear because the man wears it under his clothes. Underwear is usually worn to cover the parts of our bodies we call our private parts or genitals. These are the parts of our bodies that we only uncover when we are in private. Can you name some of these times?”

“Now the woman has taken her shorts and shirt off and you can see more of her body. You can also see her underwear. The woman’s underwear has a different name than the man’s. On the top of her body is an item of clothing called a brassiere or bra. With the shorts and shirt off you can see more of the woman’s body. You can now see her stomach. While none of the woman’s private sexual parts are showing, it is still not OK for her to be in public when she is dressed like this. Can you tell me why? A woman should not walk around in her bra and panties in public because this is underwear, just like a man’s underwear, and it is not OK to be in public in your underwear.

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