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Sex Education for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

This manual comes as a result of Mark and Shannon's work with adults who are acting out their sexuality in unacceptable or dangerous ways. The authors are convinced that early sex education can help to alleviate problems that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder wrestle with as they become adults. There are many excellent books on sex education for individuals of all ages. However, there seem to be none that specifically address the education of children from birth to puberty who have Autism Spectrum Disorder. This manual is designed to give parents assistance in their efforts to educate their children about their emerging sexuality in explicit yet sensitive ways.

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A Training Manual for Direct Care Staff

This is a manual designed to help direct care staff overcome their discomfort with the sexual behavior of individuals with mental retardation. The manual is the outgrowth of workshops presented by the authors and is designed to be used for individual rather than group work. In this way, each staff member can work through their own discomfort using the exercises in the manual.

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Social Skills & Sex Education – Self Care for the Developmentally Delayed Adult

Now there is a tool that you can use to effect this education in the privacy of the consumer’s room. Mark and Syl have developed a set of tasteful, yet explicit pictures and audio tapes that sensitively deliver accurate information.

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